Scholarship Program

The Genuardi Family Foundation Scholarship in Honor of the Genuardi Brothers

The Genuardi Family Foundation believes that creating opportunities for students to excel academically prepares them for success in their careers and lives, so that they may be inspired to enrich their own communities. Thus it is with pride that the Foundation annually partners with St. Joseph’s University Academy of Food Marketing to fund two (2) two-year scholarships to sophomores (or third year co-op students) pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Food Marketing.

The 2014 Scholarship Program concluded with the granting of awards in April 2014. 

Next year's program will begin with a presentation made to students on St. Joseph's University's campus in (approximately) late January 2015. Attendance for interested, eligible students is encouraged but not mandatory.

For reference, 2014 application materials are available below. The essay question is crafted by the Scholarship Committee to assess applicants' analytical skills, research capabilities and writing skills through their discussion of an issue relevant to the food marketing industry.  Note that the essay topic changes each year.


  Interested Academy of Food Marketing students should inquire about the scholarship program to:  
Mr. Robert R. Higgins or Ms. Anne Lunanuova
Academy of Food Marketing, Saint Joseph's University
5600 City Avenue, Philadelphia, PA  19131
Telephone:  (610) 660-1600
Email: or

Please note that this scholarship opportunity is only available to students in St. Joseph’s University Academy of Food Marketing.
Students at other universities or other schools within St. Joseph’s University are ineligible.